Monday, October 10, 2005

Semblogging use case: 40.000 digital fotos of destroyed paintings online

Reading the article [1] about the 40.000 digital fotos now online from, it occurred to me that this might be an interesting user community for semblogging (semantic blogging). I hope to be able to look into providing a first semblogging facility for such users in some weeks.

Unfortunately, the application uses popup windows and not REST style!

[1] "Jetzt online: Hitlers Dia-Sammlung im Netz". Süddeutsche Zeitung, Feuilleton, Freitag 7. Oktober 2005, S. 14

For Semblogging, see my open space presentation slide at TMRA05, included below:

Semblogging with Topic Maps

* smart content aggregation of blog entries needs more semantics than just tag clouds
* see e.g. Jack Park‘s elaboration on tagging in his „just for me“ paper
* Semblogging as a special case of semantic annotation in line with DKM (Distributed Knowledge Management)

Prior work
* seminal work by Cayzer (RDF semblogging concept and protoype), citing the XTM book
* redo it, and even better with Topic Maps!
* ideas by Jack Park (on semblogging as an example for Augmented Storytelling)
* idea of Dmitry Bogachev. Prototypical OKS semblogging application by Lars Marius Garshol

Current work
* Developing some Use Cases
* One student implementing in his diploma thesis a prototype coupling blojsom with tmapi and TM engine
* Further work under way looking more into distributed aspects and semantic web services

What to Semblog about?
* bibMap or the Topic Map Research and Applications Landscape?
* All TMRA05 participants and community semblogging on Topic Maps? SemWikiBlogging?
* Learning process in a teaching course in information and knowledge management?
[And now added: the collection of 40.000 digital fotos, as discussed above)

Your ideas? Who is interested in what? Who will contribute what?


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