Friday, October 14, 2005

Semantic Wikis (SemWikis), Topic Map Wikis and Semblogging

How can I couple (Topic Map-based) semblogging with SemWikis?

Would one write LTM on the wiki pages and/or use a topic map editor?

Karsten Böhm ( kindly pointed me to some references in SemWiki land at University of Leipzig, Germany:

In addition I found:

Semantic wikimedia is a project just started (pre-alpha) coupling MediaWiki (the Wikipedia-Software) with semantics ( AIFB Karlsruhe people have a project on a semantic MediaWiki ( talks inter alia about Topic Maps. I have not found more co-citing of Topic Maps and SemWikis.

They want to employ Redland as RDF backend.

There exist topic map-based wikis, z.B. Topiki ( or TMWiki by Hendrik Thomas (

Addition 2005-12-08:
IkeWiki is a RDF/OWL-based rewrite of MediaWiki, based on Jena
(Sourceforge: <> )


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